Passengers defend pensioner attacked by thug on bus (video)


A thug who tried to start a fight with a pensioner got more than he bargained for when all the other bus passengers joined forces to scare him off.

The yob decided to start insulting an elderly couple as they sat minding their own business.

The video shows the man challenging the man, prompting him to defend himself.

It's not long before the other commuters fight the man off. He then decides to run for it.

The news comes just weeks after a pair of thieves who entered a bus in Brazil to rob and attack the conductor got their comeuppance when members of the public saw the incident and mobbed them minutes later.

A LiveLeak video shows the pair punching and kicking the bus conductor in Jaboatão dos Guararapes in Pernambuco.

They stole cash from the bus before the conductor managed to escape from a window, but they were spotted by a large crowd who crashed through the doors, punching and kicking one of the robbers to the floor.

He was then dragged onto the streets and restrained before police arrive.

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