Peru volcano erupts spewing 4,000 metre high ash cloud (video)

Peru's Ubinas Volcano Spews 4,000-Metre High Ash Cloud

A volcano in south west Peru has erupted, spewing 4,000 metre high plumes of ash into the sky.

The Ubinas volcano, the most active in Peru, started erupting on Wednesday prompting officials to declare a state of emergency, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Wired reports that the emergency declaration will allow for government assistance for evacuation of both people and livestock, which are economically important for the region.

Ubinas is located 230 km east of the Peru-Chile trench and about 150 km above the Benioff-Wadati plane.

Until 2006, the volcano had not erupted for 40 years.

According to ITN, geologists say this eruption has not reached the same levels as the last major eruption between the years 2006 and 2009. Eruptions at the Ubinas volcano have been reported since 1550.

See more amazing pics of a volcano in Chile erupting below:

Volcano erupts in Chile

Volcano erupts in Chile

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