Passenger 'left lying unconscious' for three hours at Mumbai Airport



A plane passenger was allegedly left lying unconscious at Mumbai International Airport for three hours before being admitted to hospital.

Korostelros, a 34-year-old Ukrainian, was due to fly to Brussels on Wednesday night, but had an epilepsy attack and fell unconscious at around 9.15pm at the T2 departures terminal.

Airport officials allege that the airline didn't want to take responsibility for the passenger, and refused to immediately rush him to a nearby hospital.

A spokesman told "The airline duty manager was informed immediately about the incident, but they were hesitant to take any action. He was then ushered to the Medical Inspection (MI) room in an unconscious state.

"The airline had decided they would take him to KEM Hospital, but took almost three hours to book a private ambulance to ferry him. Airport ambulances are used only for nearby hospitals to avoid any emergencies in the airport. The patient was unconscious when the decision of admitting him to KEM was taken by the airline."

The news comes just weeks after the Mumbai Mirror reported that Mumbai airport authorities dumped a 52-year-old diabetic patient, who had collapsed inside the terminal after a hypoglycaemia attack, outside the terminal, leaving him unattended for two hours.

Officials reportedly assumed John Valentine D'Souza was inebriated and left him in a heap on top of his luggage after asking his family to come and pick him up.

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