Plane makes emergency landing on golf course


A single-engine aircraft made an emergency landing on a golf course in Ohio on Saturday.

Officials said the plane landed on Stillmeadow Country Club and golf course after engine failure forced the pilot to make an emergency landing.

There were no injuries reported.

AP reports that investigators said the plane hit a sand bunker before coming to a stop and rolled partially on its side on the green.

According to Fox19, the pilot was licensed but said he did not have insurance.

Golfers on the course continued their tournament.

Last year, a plane made an emergency landing on a highway in Hawaii after it lost all power.

The quick-thinking pilots made the amazing landing saving all eight passengers on board.

The Huffington Post reports that the passengers immediately knew something was wrong and made calls home to their families.

Speaking to Hawaii News Now, one passenger said: "It just went 'boom' and then there were some odd sounds after and there was a series of sparks and stuff flying out of the aircraft."

The pilots pointed the nose of the small aircraft down, which was terrifying for the passengers, but allowed the plane to gain speed and glide over a long distance.

Jeff Erb, a commercial pilot and former flight instructor, told Hawaii News Now: "I give [the pilots] a 10, a 10-plus."

15 flights from hell

15 flights from hell

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