The most expensive holidays in the world


Where do rich people go on holiday when they have too much money to spend? We've done a bit of digging and have found what we believe to be the world's of the most outrageously expensive holidays -including one which would set you back around £1 million should you choose to book it.

Some of these holidays holidays have such eye-watering price tags that we're finding it hard to believe that anyone actually goes on them. They include overnight stays in the world's most luxurious hotel suites, such as the Royal Suite in the Burj Al Arab and the George V's Penthouse Suite, as well super-luxe trips to take in the furthest corners of the world, including Antarctica, Bhutan and Patagonia.

The prices? The world's most expensive costs a staggering £999,000, but even the cheapest in our selection of over-the-top holidays will set you back £21,995.

For this money, you'd expect the ultimate in luxury: we're talking Michelin starred dining (if you opt for the trip to every three Michelin star restaurant on the planet), your own private 'Royal Tour' of Australia which is bigger and better than Kate, William and George's tour, and visiting nearly 1,000 World Heritage Sites (all 962 - if you're counting).

First-class travel, private jet and yacht are a few of the ways you'll get around, but some of the trips, such as Great Rail Journeys' Around the World in 53 Days tour includes iconic journeys aboard the Trans-Siberian Express and Venice-Simplon Orient Express.

And if you're a guest on COMO's Luxury Himalayan Escape to Bhutan, you won't even have to share with other first-class travellers as you'll get your own private jet...

Take a look at ten of the most outrageously expensive holiday packages below:

World's most expensive tours

World's most expensive tours

Now check out the holidays to book when you win the lottery:

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