Ten cities most at risk of natural disasters



A list of cities which are most likely to be hit by a natural disaster has been released by Swiss Re, a global reinsurance company.

Its global ranking of cities under threat from natural disasters was compiled by analysing the potential for natural disasters in 616 of the world's largest cities.

Each of the cities analysed was measured on their potential risk for earthquakes, storms, tsunamis and river floods.

The cities were ranked according to the likely effects that extreme weather scenarios would have on the city residents, combining population distribution data with vulnerability estimates for each disaster, reports the Business Insider.

Swiss Re took into account deaths, injuries, evacuations, those whose homes would be damaged or destroyed, and those who would be unable to access their workplace.

Three cities in Japan made the top 10, making it the country most at risk of being hit by a natural disaster.

Have a look at the list below to see if you are at risk.

The 10 cities most at risk of being hit by natural disasters

The 10 cities most at risk of being hit by natural disasters

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