Cute granny laughs hysterically on first-ever rollercoaster ride (video)



An adorable grandmother has been filmed laughing hysterically as she enjoyed her first-ever ride on a theme park rollercoaster.

Dutch granny Ria Van den Brand, 70, was seen having a whale of a time as she whizzed round the tracks.

As she set off she excitedly says "Here we go!". And, at the end of the ride, she asks: "Is my hair still ok?"

Well, Ria, we can confirm that there was not one strand out of place.

According to the Metro, Ria went on the ride as part of a Vodafone marketing campaign called 'Firsts'.

Ria, who was scheduled to fly in an airplane for the first time along with 71-year-old An Bernaards, thought she'd try out a rollercoaster first in preparation.

They made their first plane trip in style, travelling by private jet from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport to Barcelona, and used a tablet device to stay in touch with their loved ones at either end.

While Ria rode a rollercoaster, An attempted to calm her nerves by taking a flight simulator ride.

An and Ria documented their momentous journey and connected with their loved ones along the way. On an emotional video call with her husband Jan when she arrived in Barcelona, An told him: "It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and the other lady's so kind. It's just like a dream."

An had never flown before because she was so scared of the idea. Discover a host of stars who have a fear of flying below:

10 celebrities with a fear of flying

10 celebrities with a fear of flying

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