Embarrassing airport security incidents: Which is the worst?


Businessman and security officer at airport security checkpoint

From ruined proposal plans to unveiled sex toys and dirty underwear, a lot can go wrong during pre-boarding safety checks, and they can cause red faces all round.

According to a study from a luggage delivery company, the process of boarding a plane can throw up unexpected embarrassment, as passengers reveal their most embarrassing airport security encounters.

The study, conducted by www.sendmybag.com, polled 2,132 UK residents who had all travelled abroad within the past two years as part of the company's research into luggage associated experiences.

Have a look at these embarrassing incidents, which have all happened to travellers while going through airport security.

Have you ever had an embarrassing incident while going through airport security? Let us know in the comments below.

Top Ten Most Embarrassing Airport Security Incidents

Top Ten Most Embarrassing Airport Security Incidents

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