Yowie found? Australian Bigfoot 'caught on camera' (video)


Two men believe they have found the Australian Bigfoot in South Queensland.

'Yowie searchers' Jason Heal and Jason Dunn say they offered the mysterious creature apples to lure it onto camera.

They uploaded a video of the 'Yowie' on YouTube and wrote: "We believe its a young Yowie In the early morning on saturday 29/03/2014.

"Watch how it moves side to side the way it lifts its head as it looks at the apples on the rock.

"You can see the eyes shine as it concentrates on the apples."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the friends said: "We'd been throwing him a few extra apples since he was willing to appear on camera.

"We even left a few apples without the camera and said 'you can have the apples but we don't get the prize.'"

Cryptozoology News reports that Heal and Dunn started looking for the Yowie in 2012 and have searched across most of Queensland and New South Wales National Parks.

They say they would also "like to travel to the US in Search of Sasquatch too."

"Heard growling, rocks thrown, tree branches snapped, strange smells, felt as if we are being watched," the pair wrote on their YouTube page.

"Seen many foot prints, felt like being followed walking out in the middle of no where late at night​."

In 1976, a Northern New South Wales resident said she saw two hair-covered ape men walking across her lawn.

Thelma Crewe was reportedly in her kitchen watching one of the creatures standing on her lawn for a few minutes before it joined the other one and they both walked away into the night.

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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