Secret to buying cheapest Ryanair flights revealed


expert reveals best time to book ryanair flights for cheapest price is 10 days before departure

Bargain hunters looking to buy the cheapest Ryanair flights should book ten days before departure, an economics professor has revealed.

Claudio Piga, of Keele University, said that by booking at least seven weeks before take-off or just a few days before departure, travellers pay more for flights.

According to The Sunday Times, Piga's research explained that budget airlines avoid complicating business so they prevent passengers booking at the last minute by increasing prices closer to the departure date.

The professor described a 'U-shaped temporal profile', with the best value flights available ten days before departure.

But Ryanair told the Sunday Times that this was "hopelessly inaccurate".

A spokesman said: "Ryanair's lowest fares are sold on a first come, first served basis and rise only as quickly as the low fare class are sold in the six months prior to departure."

Last month, it was revealed that the best time to book a cheap holiday is 54 days in advance.

Research from American travel booking website found that fares start to drop around 225 days (7.5 months) before a flight date and they continue to drop slowly but steadily until they reach their lowest price 54 days before departure.

Skyscanner recently revealed the best time to book a cheap flight is five weeks in advance.

The travel search website analysed millions of flights and launched a Best Time To Book tool to help travellers get the best price. For budget flights, Skyscanner advises booking five weeks before flying, while scheduled flights should be booked six weeks in advance.

When do you book your flights for the cheapest prices? As early as possible? Or by waiting until the last-minute? Leave a comment and let us know your tips below.

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