Prince George's forward-facing car seat sparks controversy in New Zealand



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to arrive in Wellington on Monday to kick off their three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia.

But they've already caused a small furore by choosing to have a forward-facing car seat installed into their official car for Prince George.

The car seat goes against recommendations that babies under two years old have a rear-facing car seat.

The seat was publicly fitted by Plunket, New Zealand's largest baby and toddler company, who offer everything from post-natal home visits, to play groups and car seat rental, and who themselves recommend rear-facing seats for babies under two.

The company is also bringing families who use their services to meet Prince William, Kate and baby George at Government House on Wednesday, in Prince George's first-ever public engagement.

But the company's decision to install a front-facing seat has caused a backlash from New Zealanders on Facebook.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Caroline Shaw wrote: "Totally appalled that Plunket is prepared to get publicity for themselves at the cost of sending out completely the wrong ideas about child safety."

And, according to the Mirror, Jenny Sincock posted: "Should never have turned fitting his seat into a publicity stunt because it's only going to undermine Plunket's safety recommendations and tarnish their reputation.

"If Kate & Will wanted it forward facing then fine, but Plunket should have had nothing to do with supporting that decision publicly like this."

Plunket responded to criticism by reminding people that both options were legal and it was the parents' choice.

A post on its Facebook page read: "Hi everyone thank you so much for all the feedback in regards to Plunket installing Prince George's car seat. We really do appreciate it.

"We are here to provide advice and work in partnership with parents to make informed decisions that work best for them. Our priority is to ensure car seats are installed by qualified car seat technicians to ensure they perform correctly.

"While Plunket does recommend that children stay in rear facing seats until age two, it is not a legal requirement."

Kensington Palace also confirmed that the £260 seat was "the couple's choice", reports the Telegraph.

Baby boltholes fit for a royal

Baby boltholes fit for a royal

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