Goose crashes through car windscreen


A motorist in America had a lucky escape when a goose crashed through her windscreen while she was driving at 50mph.

Shannon Jergenson told CBS Denver: "The bird came up and just went 'bam,' right into my windshield."

Jergenson was driving to work on a highway in Denver when the large bird tried to fly away but ended up inside her car.

The windscreen shattered and the bird was impaled on her steering wheel.

She told the TV station she was forced to turn her head to stop the glass shards from hitting her face.

"I turned my head and when I opened my eyes the bird was... its head just kind of fell over," the hairdresser said.

Jergenson was left with a scratch and said: "I didn't know how much glass was on me until I got home and (saw) all (my hair) was just full of glass.

"I took my hair down and could just hear the glass falling."

Colorado State Police said they had never seen anything like it.

Last year, a police officer in Oregon who was pursuing a speeding driver stopped the chase when he saw a family of ducks in the middle of the road.

Traffic officer Mark James was chasing a car that was going 20mph over the speed limit but his pursuit was cut short when he encountered the cute animals.

James decided not to just drive around them and got out of his car to make sure they got to safety.

In the video, the police department states: "The duck family was safely escorted to water in a ditch and swam away."

It added: "The traffic violator swam away too."

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