What happens when an alligator tries to eat an electric eel? (video)


An alligator chose the wrong victim when it decided to try and eat an electric eel for lunch.

The predator was filmed pouncing on the slithery eel but instead of having a meaty lunch, it ends up being stunned and killed.

YouTube user wideowtopapl posted the video on the social media site.

The footage shows the animal snapping its jaws on the eel and being shocked to death.

Electric eels can produce electric shocks of up to 600 volts. It uses the shock for hunting and self-defence.

They are found in South America and despite being called eels, they are part of the knifefish species.

Last year, the moment a brave house cat took on an alligator was captured on camera - with surprising results.

A number of alligators were seen lounging in water next to a yard, when a curious cat approaches one of them.

One man can be heard saying: "Cats are smart, they know how to stay out the way."

While a girl pleads: "Ahhh. Don't eat the kitty." She adds: "Oh God, get the cat away, it's going to eat the cat."

The two animals then engage in a prolonged face-off, before the cat takes a swipe at the alligator and it makes a surprisingly hasty retreat back into the water.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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