Train smashes into car at level crossing after driver jumps red light (video)


A family of four was extremely lucky to survive after the driver jumped a red light at a level crossing - and their car was smashed by an oncoming train.

Surveillance footage captured the scene on camera, and the black 4x4 can be seen performing a U-turn before jumping in between the barriers and past a red light warning that a train was about to pass through.

The train can then be seen smashing into the side of the car and dragging it along the tracks, with the SUV losing a wheel along the way.

According to the Metro, there were two adults and two children in the vehicle at the time, and they were extremely lucky to have only received minor injuries.

The incident involved a MetroRail train and took place in Houston, Texas.

The Independent reports that, according to the KHOU news service, police have said the driver, Raunel Arreola-Moreno, could now face charges after the accident near Reliant Park in Houston.

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