Half-naked woman falls down well while having sex - boyfriend runs away

Pozo de los Frailes a preserved ancient arab water well in the countryside of Almeria region Andalusia

A half-naked woman who fell down a well while having sex with her boyfriend had to be rescued by firefighters in Spain after her partner ran away.

The 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend were having sex by a water well in Playa Park in Ciudad Real when the cover of the shaft came off, sending her plunging around 50ft into the water below.

Instead of trying to rescue her, the man pulled up his trousers and fled the scene, leaving her in the water at the bottom of the well.

Emergency services later received an anonymous call, believed to be made by the woman's partner, and attended the scene. The woman, who the Metro names as Edeliea Aponte, was found suffering from shock and hypothermia.

Police are now hunting for the man, who could be charged with failing to give help to someone in need of assistance.

Speaking in the Metro, a fire service spokesman said: "Luckily she could swim and she wasn't knocked out as she fell."

The park is known to be popular with tourists and young people, and firefighters have issued a public statement on Friday warning young people in the area to take care while partying as there are a number of covered waterwheel shafts in the area.

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