Granddad becomes new member of Atomic Kitten in hilarious passport picture



A granddad inadvertently became the fourth member of Atomic Kitten after getting his picture taken in a photo booth.

Eamonn McFadden, 77, from Bradford, was attempting to get a new passport picture when he accidentally pressed the photo booth's fun 'girl band' option.

His straight-faced passport picture was then printed out alongside images of Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost.

And there was one person who found the incident particularly funny - and kindly shared the pic on Twitter - Eamonn's granddaughter Ceara Thacker.

She wrote on the social networking site: "My grandad went to get a passport pic but accidentally got one with atomic kitten on he look so confused im screaming (sic)."

According to the Metro, Ceara, 15, said: "He's embarrassed but can see the funny side. The photo was from a few years ago but recently unearthed.

"He was totally surprised seeing Atomic Kitten there, him and my grandma seriously looked inside the booth to see if they were really there."

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Holiday photobombs

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