Drunk man falls onto railway track and has leg cut off by train but stays passed out


A Japanese man lost part of his leg after a boozy night out led to him falling onto train tracks and having it cut off by a train pulling into the station for the night.

Japan Daily Press reports that the government worker was so drunk that he only discovered his severed leg when he woke up six hours later after passing out on the tracks.

The man called emergency services at around 4am and said: "My left leg has been cut off from the knee down."

Police said the man, in his 50s, went to the station to catch the 9:38pm train to his home in Saga Prefecture after an evening of drinking with friends.

Authorities say he probably fell off the platform in a drunken state and his leg was severed when the out-of-service train arrived at the station at 10.30pm.

The accident featured in the news in Japan with a computer generated video showing how the incident happened.

Last year, a drunken passenger who fell on the tracks at a train station in Newcastle survived two trains travelling over her.

The 44-year-old woman was on the tracks at Byker Metro station but went unnoticed due to her dark clothing and the torrential rain.

The train wheels passed within inches of her head.

It was the second driver who noticed something on the track between the rails.

The driver stopped the train immediately and contacted emergency services.

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