Bus robbers mobbed by crowd after attacking conductor


A pair of thieves who entered a bus in Brazil to rob and attack the conductor got their comeuppance when members of the public saw the incident and mobbed them minutes later.

A LiveLeak video shows the pair punching and kicking the bus conductor in Jaboatão dos Guararapes in Pernambuco.

They steal cash from the bus before the conductor manages to escape from a window, but the pair are trapped in the stationary vehicle as a large crowd spots them.

The angry crowd crashes through the doors, punching and kicking one of the robbers on the floor.

He is then dragged onto the streets and restrained before police arrive.

Last year, a thief in Colombia was thrown in the air by an oncoming bus after he tried to steal a woman's phone at a busy Bogota bus station.

The man was captured on CCTV walking past a woman and snatching her phone before running out of a door and being hit by the bus.

Travellers watched as he fell to the floor and the victim took back her phone and helped him out from under the bus.

He was treated for minor injuries in hospital and was prosecuted upon leaving.

Police said the man had a history of theft.

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