Singapore Airport is the best in the world


Interior of departures hall at new Terminal 3 at Changi International Airport in Singapore

The World Airport Awards 2014 have been announced - and Singapore's Changi Airport has taken first place once again.

The airport's amenities, which include a rooftop pool, a butterfly garden and even a four-storey slide means it comes head and shoulders above other international airports around the world, according to Skytrax.

Airports were ranked by nearly 13million customers, who were asked to nominate their favourite airport. A total of 410 airports worldwide were included in the survey, with 110 nationalities taking part.

Airports were judged in more than 40 categories, including security, immigration and shopping. The only UK airport to make the top ten was Heathrow, which came tenth.

See the full list of the world's best airports below.

Top 10 airports in the world (Skytrax)

Top 10 airports in the world (Skytrax)

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