Hotter than Turkey! Temperatures to hit 19C this weekend



Some parts of Britain received a dusting of snow on Wednesday, so many people will be pleased to hear there's a mini heatwave on the way this weekend - with temps set to hit up to 20C.

Parts of Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent saw sleet, hail and snow fall this week, but the mercury is set to rise just as clocks go forward for the official start of the British Summer Time this Sunday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "It will be
much warmer for the south this weekend as winds veer around to the east from the continent, but it will still be quite breezy.

"Temperatures on Saturday will reach 17C to 18C with sunny skies, but it will be a lot cooler in the north east and near North Sea coasts. The warmest area may be west Wales reaching 19C, but also London should manage 19C.

"On Sunday, the north east will have a rather grey and overcast day with mist and some drizzle. Temperatures may only reach 7C to 9C. But it will be much warmer again further south and west. Temperatures over England and Wales will hit 16C to 18C, possibly 19C to 20C in London. It will be more cloudy at times than Saturday, though, and there could be an isolated shower.

"Next week will remain in south east winds off the continent so it will stay warm over southern Britain, but there will be an increasing risk of showers. Some heavy showers could be possible on Tuesday in central Britain.

"But temperatures may reach 20C in the south east on Monday and 19C on Tuesday. It will be a lot cooler still in the north east though in south east winds off the North Sea."

But, as always, the warm weather will only last so long, and, says Leon: "Next week may end wet everywhere as rain and low pressure eventually moves north east across the UK."

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Temperatures of 19C are definitely warm enough for a trip to the beach. Choose one of these top spots below:

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