Mini cruise, anyone? The best destinations for short cruises

Last light over Hanoix Lighthouse creating a misty, eery view of the coastline near Hanoix in Guernsey.Guernsey/Getty

New to cruising? Or fancy a long weekend away before your fortnight cruise holiday this summer? A short cruise to one of Britain's or Europe's iconic destinations might just be the trip for you.

Short cruise holidays, or mini-cruises, make for a perfect taster if you're a newbie to cruising and want to see if travelling by sea is for you. They're also ideal if you a frequent cruiser but want to fit in more time on the water between your Med and Caribbean cruise this year.

Mini cruises typically take place over two nights but three, four or up to five nights are not unusual, with some of the most popular destinations including Bruges, Amsterdam and the Channel Islands.

If you want to explore the wonders of Northern Europe and don't fancy travelling by plane or taking the Eurostar, a short cruise is the answer.

On a mini-cruise to Paris with Royal Caribbean, you'll have a day to explore the wonders of the French city and spend two nights on the ship, enjoying the on-board entertainment, the fully equipped gym and the relaxing spa.

You can even head further afield to Spain on a short cruise with Brittany Ferries and visit the lesser-known city of Santander, where amazing landscapes, charming beaches and nature reserves await you.

Whether you've got two nights to spare or four, take a look at our pick of the best short cruise destinations from the UK.

Best destinations for a short cruise

Best destinations for a short cruise

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