Man who broke bus passenger's nose and 'blinded' him in horrific attack jailed


A thug who beat up a bus passenger after being asked to stop his partner's children throwing sweets has been jailed for 18 months.

Jason Wilson, 35, broke the 21-year-old victim's nose, kicked, kneed and punched him, as well as temporarily blinding him by squirting lemon juice in his face on the No 24 bus in Birmingham's Broad Street, reports the Express and Star.

The prolonged attack lasted a shocking seven minutes and was carried out at around 5.45pm on 11 January.

According to the Mirror, Recorder Martine Kushner said: "What I saw on the screen was truly, truly shocking.

"What we know is that your step child was throwing sweets, yes he has own his own difficulties, that comes with the territory.

"The next thing you could have done was go over to the child and explain to him not to do that but oh no that is not what you did.

"This was a violent attack in a pubic place, in the middle of a bus, in the middle of an afternoon.

"All I can do is give you a custodial sentence."

Investigating officer, PC Rob Harper, described the attack at the time as "barbaric".

He told Aol Travel: "The man was minding his own business when he politely asked the group to stop throwing sweets at him – but that request prompted a barbaric, prolonged attack.

"The victim had something like pepper spray squirted in his face which rendered him defenceless as the blows rained down on him.

"At one stage the attacker stands on a seat to get a better kicking angle, whilst the woman he was with also occasionally joined in the assault. The victim was lucky to escape with only a broken nose as it could have been much worse.

"What makes this even more shocking is that they unleashed this attack in front of the two children they were travelling with."

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