Backpacker leaves hilarious note for snoring traveller


You never know who you're going to share a room with when you check in to a hostel and one backpacker who ended up next to a snoring guest left a hilarious note after a sleepless night.

The angry traveller who was backpacking in Vietnam advised his fellow guest to get "nose removal or euthanasia".

The letter posted on reads: "Dear Bed 72, I hate you. Please for the love of god get your sinuses checked before you ever sleep in a dorm again. Because of your ear-splitting snoring none of us got any sleep last night. We tried to wake you up numerous times but to no avail.

"I would literally rather suck Ho Chi Minh's dead c*** than spend another night in a room with you. I recommend nose removal or euthanasia.

"You destroyed my happy place. With the fiery hatred of thousands of burning suns, Bed 70 xx".

Earlier this month, a couple who took their baby on holiday at a ski resort in Colorado were horrified to receive a note under their hotel room door from a disgruntled guest.

The letter was shared by the mother's brother on his blog Dad On The Run and read: "Thank you for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort and wak[ing] up everyone near your room several times during the night.

"Babies don't ski, no reason to bring them to a ski resort. They should stay at home with family or [a] nanny.

"I never brought my babies to a place like this."

It continued: "I was considerate of others, not selfish. I stayed at home when I could not get help. We need more people who think of others and less selfish ones.

"Your baby['s] screams ruined our sleep on Saturday and Sunday. We planned this trip a year ago to ski hard all day and sleep at night so we could ski all day.

"Thanks to you, that was not the case. Hope you think of others around on your next trip. Thanks!"

Strange hotel concierge requests

Strange hotel concierge requests

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