Student breaks 19th century sculpture while taking selfie in art gallery


A student taking a selfie at an art gallery in Milan decided to jump on a 19th century statue to take the photo of himself and broke it.

Fortunately, the 'Drunken Satyr' sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera was a copy of the Ancient Greek model, RT reports.

"We think this is an accident," the director Franco Marrocco told the Corriere della Sera.

"The statue was assembled in pieces and the block was already partly detached: we had planned the restoration."

As there is no working CCTV in the hallway where the statue was broken there is no official evidence and it is almost impossible to track down the student.

According to The Local, staff at the Brera Academy found the statue on Tuesday morning with its plaster cast and terracotta leg in pieces on the floor.

Witnesses said the young man was a foreign student.

Last summer, an American tourist visiting Florence's Museo dell'Opera del Duomo accidentally snapped a finger off of a 600-year-old statue of the Virgin Mary.

Patrick Broderick, 55, who ironically happens to be a surgeon, was trying to compare his finger to one on the marble statue when it broke off.

He was arrested in front of his wife and kids and released after questioning.

The world's worst tourists

The world's worst tourists

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