Injured skier's dramatic rescue in Austria caught on camera (video)


A skier's helicopter rescue from a glacier in Austria was caught on camera.

The woman, known as Jane, was filming herself skiing on the Dachstein mountains when she fell and broke her ankle, Metro reports.

A helicopter came to save the skier and she filmed the dramatic rescue.

Dachstein West is an Austrian ski area popular with expert skiers and snowboarders. It is home to seven ski resorts and 97 pistes.

In 2012, a woman miraculously survived after she was declared clinically dead when she was buried alive in an avalanche in Austria.

Rhianna Shaw, 23, was entombed in the snow for 15 minutes following an avalanche on a mountain near St Anton where she was skiing.

Medics were astonished that she had survived as there is only a six per cent chance of resuscitation once you are buried in deep snow for more than eight minutes.

Rhianna described the experience as "absolutely terrifying", saying she couldn't move and her friends could not hear her muffled screams for help.

She said: "There was several feet of snow on top of me. You usually think snow will move but it just sets like concrete around you.

"I was absolutely frozen and I couldn't move an inch. I could just about make out which way was up as a little bit of light was coming through and I could hear faint sounds.

"All I could do was scream for help, but no one could hear me.

"They thought I might have skied off and I could hear my mobile ringing in my pocket but I couldn't answer it. It was absolutely terrifying."

Alternative places to ski

Alternative places to ski

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