Visitors to Brighton to pay tourist tax?


brighton to introduce tourist tax

Brighton is considering introducing a tourist tax to help fund the multi-million reconstruction of its seafront.

Millions of pounds are needed to stop the beach city's famous arches from collapsing and a tax on hotel stays for holidaymakers could be the answer, The Argus reports.

Hove Civic Society chairman Helmut Lusser told the newspaper the seven million tourists who visit Brighton could also be taxed on eating in restaurants and visiting attractions.

Speaking to The Argus, he said: "Most people living in the city have no idea how bad local government finances are.

"There are very many people in the city who could not afford voluntary contributions but equally there are lots of people who could.

"Quite often local authorities can bring about a holiday tax.

"For every one night someone stays in the city the individual pays a price, equivalent to a pound and that is used to invest on the infrastructure on the seafront."

In February it was reported that the number of visitors staying the night in Brighton and Hove had risen five per cent in a year.

According to Brighton and Hove News, the value of tourism rose 4.3 per cent to £753 million.

Councillor Geoffrey Bowden said: "I've no doubt it's been a difficult time for families and businesses but these figures show we have remained very successful at bringing people to the city."

Brighton isn't the only city considering a tourist tax. Last month Dubai announced it was introducing a new tourist tax on hotel stays in March to help pay for Expo 2020 projects.

Thailand also said it may start charging every international visitor £10 for stays longer than three days.

In the UK, Cambridge's former mayor, Cllr John Hipkin, suggested that tourists should be charged a tax to enter certain cultural sites, museums and attractions in the city, because they were becoming damaged and off-limits to locals.

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