Bristol crocodile sightings: police received calls from public


Eye of a Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)

Police in Bristol have received a number of calls from people who claim to have seen a crocodile roaming freely in the area.

On 3 February, Chief constable Nick Gargan announced on Twitter that there had been a sighting of a crocodile in the river Avon in Bristol.

Officers carried out a search of the Bedminister Bridge area but found no trace of the reptile, according to the BBC.

When Gargan made the announcement on Twitter, it sparked national attention.

Police received six calls from the public in the week following Gargan's announcement, reports the Bristol Post.

Three of the calls were from witnesses claiming to have seen the crocodile, including bus driver Jolyon Rea.

Figures from Avon and Somerset Police show second and third alleged sightings were recorded on Thursday February 6.

The second sighting came from mother-of-three Kelly Gray, 41, of Bishopsworth.

Police have also received calls from concerned members of the public wishing to discuss the crocodile sightings.

Alleged sightings have continued and a video has also emerged.

Tom Aditya, a Bradley Stoke town councillor, made the video of what he believes to be the elusive reptile.

The amateur footage was shot while walking by the River Avon near Pill in October but was published on the Bristol Post on 11 February following the alleged sightings.

Police have declined an offer to view the video.

Is it just a log floating in the murky waters or could there really be a crocodile in Bristol?

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