Two women stuck waist deep in mud on Kent beach after trying to rescue dog



Two women had to be rescued at the beach in Herne Bay, Kent, on Sunday when they became stuck waist-deep in mud while trying to rescue their dog, who was also stuck fast.

Herne Bay Coastguard (HBCG) called in the help of firefighters and police to carry out the rescue.

A HBCG Facebook post said the women had got stuck in mud after a landslide, as opposed to quicksand.

It read: "HBCG were called out again to two females stuck in the mud in a landslide at Bishopstone Glen, Herne Bay.

"Once on scene it was again decided to use the equipment of KFR to extract the casualties and their dog.

"Both casualties were checked over by the ambulance service.

"If your dog gets stuck in the mud PLEASE DO NOT attempt to rescue. Call 999/112 and ask for the Coastguard if on the coast or the Fire and Rescue service if in land.

"Many thanks to SECAMB, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue and Sheppey CG."

According to the Metro, just 90 minutes earlier coastguard officers rescued another two people who'd become stuck in mud up to their thighs on the beach.

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