Snake spotted slithering across beach in Cornwall! (photo)



It's not what you expect on your average day trip to a beach in Britain.

But one photographer got up close and personal with a snake slithering across the sand in Cornwall this weekend.

Tim Hunt spotted the three-foot adder, and the huge trail it left behind, as he was watching the sunset at Godrevy Beach, near Hayle, in Cornwall.

Tim, who moved it to safety behind some sand dunes away from the incoming tide, told the Daily Mail: "I was photographing the sunset when I saw a trail in the sand and assumed a child had dragged a stick down the beach.

"It was only whilst walking further down the beach that I noticed there was something at the end of the trail, it turned out to be an adder.

"It was the first time I had seen an adder and I was shocked at how small it was, it was a beautiful creature."

Meanwhile, back in 2011, a nine-year-old girl was left in hospital after being bitten by a venomous adder while enjoying an Easter break with her family in the New Forest.

Tyler Butcher had been walking with her family in Bolderwood and was heading back to the car when the reptile bit her on the foot.

Her father, Kenny Butcher, told Sky News that he heard Tyler 'yelp' and then saw the snake slithering away.

She made a full recovery after being given anti-venom treatment in hospital.

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