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Thinking about an escape to the country? The town of Skipton in North Yorkshire would be your best bet - as The Sunday Times has just named it the top of its Best Places to Live in Britain guide.

Judges praised the town for its "big-hearted, buzzy life in a small town", its perfect combination of top-class schools, low crime rates, affordable and attractive homes, and beautiful surrounding countryside.

From the 101 places on the list, The Sunday Times editors highlighted four top places to live, and Newnham in Cambridge came a close second for offering "country living and convenience, all within walking distance of a John Lewis".

Monmouth, near the border between Wales and England, was named for its "scholarly rural charms" and came in third, while the seaside town of Falmouth rounded up the top four as it is "being transformed from a fishing town into a year-round cultural hub".

Heading Home

The Sunday Times supplement home editor Helen Davies said the selection was made through lots of "hard data", including statistics on crime rates, house prices, school performances, but that it was also about people's opinions and "gut instincts".

She added: "We judged them on their merits. Is there a wide range of property for sale? Are the schools still topping the local league tables? Has development tipped it too far over into a clone town? Can you pop to the shops for a organic sourdough and espresso without incurring a parking ticket - or, indeed, without taking the car at all?"

Ms Davies said: "The four places we have selected demonstrate the range of fantastic places there are to live across Britain.

"Skipton is a worthy winner for this year but each place featured deserves its spot on the list."

The paper added that the remaining 97 locations are not ranked, but ordered alphabetically according to region.

Times subscribers can see the full list here:

Britain's most picturesque villages

Britain's most picturesque villages

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