Man drives car off beach cliff in San Diego (video)


A man had to be rescued by helicopter after driving his car off a cliff onto a beach in San Diego on Sunday.

The car went off the road at around 3.20pm at Ocean Beach, reports 10 News.

Surfers tried to help the driver, but were unable to, so a helicopter was sent to pull him out, according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

The cause of the crash is not known, but officers are not ruling out a suicide attempt.

Beachgoer Andrew Clark told Fox 5 San Diego: "I'm really surprised that people didn't get hurt. The poles were all really mangled and twisted.

"He didn't hit the rocks underneath it, he didn't hit the water first, he hit the walkway where people walk their dogs, kids, surfers, all kinds of people walk up there."

Another witness, Crystal Louden, told the paper: "I was looking at the water, when I heard what I thought was an explosion. When I looked up a car was sailing over my head and over those rocks.

"I still can't believe a car can be that aerodynamic."

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