Boris Becker's Spanish villa seized over debts



Boris Becker's holiday home in Spain has been seized and will be auctioned off for £6 million after he failed to pay an outstanding builder's fee of £340,000.

The Wimbledon star lost a court case over the builder's bill for carpentry, plumbing and layering a basketball court, so his nine-bedroom property in Majorca will now be confiscated and sold off to pay for the debt, reports the Express.

Becker, 46, has owned the property for 17 years, and has had a number of issues with it ever since.

According to the Daily Mail, he tried to sell the villa for £12.5 million seven years ago, but by 2012 its value had dropped to £7 million.

In 2003, the paper adds, a court ruled it had been built in part illegally, and its extra rooms were ordered to be demolished.

In June 2012, Boris almost lost the property in a dispute over a debt to a local gardener, but managed to stump up the £285,000 needed just in time.

Holiday homes of the stars

Holiday homes of the stars

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