Amazing timelapse video shows thousands of flights in the sky

Europe's Daily Air Traffic Visualized in Remarkable Video

A new timelapse video put together by NATS, the UK air traffic control agency formerly known as National Air Traffic Services, shows a mesmerising visualisation of the planes that fly over Europe.

The video shows around 30,000 travelling through European airspace on a summer's day.

Their movements tracked over 24 hours have been condensed to just two minutes.

Paul Beauchamp, a NATS spokesman, told MailOnline: "Airspace is an incredibly valuable asset - just as important as the rail, road and utility networks that everyone relies on everyday.

"That's why we created this visualisation to highlight the complexity of that work, the skill of our air traffic controllers and the UK's strategic importance as the aviation gateway to Europe and North America."

According to the Daily Telegraph, the video was created using British radar information from 21 June and European flight plan information for 28 July.

Incredible pictures of flights tracked around the globe

Incredible pictures of flights tracked around the globe

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