Raw sewage pumped into water at top tourist spots in Ireland



Raw sewage is being pumped into rivers and waters of some of Ireland's top tourist spots, a new report suggests.

Untreated sewage is being pumped into the water at 42 urban areas, including top surfing spot Bundoran in Donegal, and Cobh in Cork, which is a cruise liner destination.

The Urban Waste Water Report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reportedly shows that, despite investment of more than €500m a year in new treatment facilities over the last decade, plants are not being properly managed.

EPA spokesman Gerard O'Leary told the Independent.ie: "Ireland has made progress in the last decade in treating waste water by investing in waste water infrastructure.

"Despite this investment, sewage from 42 towns and villages discharges untreated into our rivers and coastal waters, putting the environment and people's health under threat. This practice needs to be eliminated.

"Once you flush the toilet, the contents go into the water. There has been a lot of work done, but raw sewage is getting into the environment."

According to Yahoo News, the report added that 44 of the 170 water treatment plants in large urban areas did not meet EU standards.

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