Is this the ugliest town in the UK?

Hemel Hempstead, UK. 20th Aug, 2013. Hemel Hempstead has been named BritainÕs Ugliest Town according to a poll, run by the team

Where is the ugliest town in the UK? According to a recent poll of more than 3000 people, Hemel Hempstead was named as the worst-looking of them all.

The survey, run by the website Crap Towns Returns, saw more than 3,000 people responding with their nominations - and Hemel Hempstead got the lion's share (735) of those votes. But there were plenty of contenders for the top spot, including Basingstoke, Coventry and Gateshead. Voters were invited to comment, and the site highlights some of the responses.

"The planners of Coventry have done more to damage than Hitler's bombs ever did. They have turned a beautiful city into concrete and glass ugliness that no one wants to visit, or to live in," says one.

"Basingstoke used to be a lovely English market town but look at the concrete monstrosity that passes for a town centre now," says another.

See the ugly towns that made the top ten in our slideshow, below. And remember to tell us if you agree in the comments box! You can nominate a town at

The UK's ugliest towns (according to Crap Towns)

The UK's ugliest towns (according to Crap Towns)

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