Baby monkey escapes becoming leopard lunch by a whisker (amazing photos)



This is the incredible moment a baby monkey narrowly escaped the claws of a leopard.

After spotting the primate resting in a marula tree, the lively leopard decided to take the opportunity to hone its deadly hunting skills.

The two were captured in a deadly game of cat and monkey, with the predator hot on the tail of the speedy primate.

But despite catching the youngster on at least three separate occasions, the leopard decided to lets its lunch escape in a bid to continue the chase.

Luckily, the miniature monkey was able to escape its three-hour ordeal by bravely leaping from a tree and scurrying off into nearby reeds.


Safari tour leader, Gary Parker, 36, was able to catch the incredible moment after an urgent message came crackling through his radio whilst driving through the Sabi Sands of the South African bush.

Gary said: "It was a calm summer's morning when suddenly we received a very broken call over the two-way radio that we should come quickly.

"I was shocked when I first arrived, I have heard snippets of behaviour of this sort in the past but never to this extent.

"However, I soon began explaining to my guests that we were very privileged to witness such a scene and that this is was nature in its true form.


"The leopard was a young female that was hunting, I can only guess that it was a game of cat and mouse and was using the monkey to test her skills.

"On at least three occasions, the leopard got a hold of its prey and then for some reason, let it go, I imagine it was to just keep the game going.

"Eventually, the monkey leapt from the top of the tree, followed by the leopard to safety.

"I don't think she intentionally let it go, I think the monkey had a very lucky escape.

"At times the action was so intense at times that a lot of "oohs and "aahs" were heard coming from the guests on the vehicle."

World's most amazing safaris

World's most amazing safaris

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