Storm chaser risks life for incredible extreme weather photographs



Super-cell thunderstorms, whirling tornados and lightning bolts illuminating the sky - these photos capture the terrifying brilliance of American storms.

The exhilarating phenomenons were taken by storm chaser Brandon Goforth across Oklahoma, Kansas and eastern Colorado.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, the 30-year-old's early exposure to dangerous storms has created an obsession to learn more about them.


Co-founder of chase team The Tornado Titans, he now seeks out dramatic weather events, capturing his memories with electrifying photos.

Brandon first targets his storm before driving miles to reach it, often making a 'mini-vacation' out of the chase.

He waits for hours in warm and humid temperatures hoping for the perfect shot.

In one image, taken in southeastern Colorado, a storm chaser stands in front of him just one and a half miles away from the action.

This close, the images of ominous clouds, gathering tornados and green glows of hail may look breathtaking but they can be violent and deadly.


Brandon said: "Storm chasing itself is almost becoming an extreme sport.

"The number of storm chasers have grown exponentially in the last few years and many of them are getting dangerously close.

"Unfortunately, there were several storm chasers who were killed by a tornado last year.

"I fear this may inevitably continue to happen as more people try to go out without truly knowing what they're doing and how to react to an ever-evolving storm."



So far, Brandan's experience has paid off.

Alone or with fellow chasers, he has managed to capture the stunning motion and speed of storms - and still be here to tell the tale.

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

Weird weather and strange phenomena around the world

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