UK Weather: Here comes the sun! Temps of 18C to hit Britain next week



Many parts of Britain have taken a battering from heavy rain, flooding and storms over the last few weeks.

So it will be music to everyone's ears to hear that sun is set to come out next week - bringing balmy temperatures of 18C.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "The jet stream will take a big curve north away from the UK next week to bring spring weather to the UK, and well above normal temperatures.

"Normal maximum temperatures for next week are 10 to 11C, but we could see 18C to 19C. Expect bulbs and blossom to bloom by the end of next week! This is in complete contrast to last year when, in mid-March, overnight temperatures were sub zero and not much above 7C by day."

He said temperatures could reach 17C by Sunday, adding: "Southerly winds this weekend will help temperatures reach 13 to 15C over England and Wales on Saturday, and as high as 17C across East Anglia and the south east by Sunday. Colder over the north, though, with rain and wind on Saturday and then a cold front moving southwards from Scotland to the north of England on Sunday.

"High pressure building over the UK next week with dry weather and becoming warmer by day. Some chilly nights though at first with frost and patchy fog. However, by Tuesday southern England may see afternoon temperatures reaching 16C, and then by next Wednesday much of England, Wales and Ireland will reach 15 to locally 17C in the sunshine and light winds."

Leon added that the outlook for the whole of next week is fine, and will even get hotter next weekend.

"It looks like the fine spring weather could stay with us until next weekend with Scotland joining in too. Temperatures as high as 19C."

But the balmy temps won't last too long. Leon said: "Beyond next weekend we expect the wetter and changeable weather pattern to return as the jet stream moves back southwards again and pressure falls, so make the most of next week!"

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