Flesh-eating bacteria kills man after cut finger on fishing trip


A man who got a seemingly innocuous cut on his finger during a fishing trip has died from a flesh-eating bacteria.

Travis Lee Moore, a 74-year-old retired postal worker and former firefighter from Texas, died just five days after he cut himself on the fishing trip with four of his brothers.

Two days after the Sunday 16 February trip to Lake Conroe, his family thought he was having a heart attack and his brother Robert Moore took him to hospital.

The flesh-eating bacteria necrotizing fasciitis was diagnosed and he died on Friday, five days after the incident, reports the Daily Mail.

Fishermen, who spend much of their time on the freshwater lake, said they generally associate flesh-eating bacteria with salt water. Mr Moore's brother Robert even said he didn't think it was the fishing trip that caused it, and that the doctor said it was hard to tell what had caused the bacterial infection.

But Lonnie Gaspard, a tour guide who takes fisherman onto the lake, told khou.com: "Anytime you're with rusty hooks, water, fish, anything can happen. Bacteria, the sky's the limit."

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