Driver narrowly escapes death in multi-lorry crash in Russia (video)


Terrifying footage of a multi-lorry pile-up in Russia has been released - by a driver who almost lost his life in it.

The incident took place in treacherous conditions on Boxing Day, and the footage was caught on a driver's dashcam, reports the Metro.

Four trucks can be seen travelling along a snowy highway, being recorded by a fifth vehicle's onboard camera.

A truck in front begins to slow down, and the man recording the scene slams on his brakes.

A lorry overtakes from behind, crashing into the lorry in front, and another oncoming vehicle, before scene spinning out and landing on a verge on the opposite side of the road.

Another lorry then ploughs into the scene and narrowly misses the man recording it all.

And he miraculously manages to escape unscathed.

Back in 2012, a motorist miraculously survived unharmed after a high-speed crash in which he hit a vehicle head-on at high speed while trying to overtake a bus in Russia.

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