Beluga whale photobombs best friend (seriously cute photos)



This camera-loving whale is so desperate to get in the frame that she photobombs a snap of her friend.

The female beluga whale, called Snowball, seemed so keen to be part of the shot she kept popping up in the background.

Photographer Andrey Nekrasov, 42, captured these amusing images while taking underwater pictures of Snowball and the larger male, Ice Cream.


He and his son, a videographer, were in the water with the large, sociable marine mammals for two hours.

And during that time the curious creatures seemed more than ready for their close-ups - trying their best to get in every photo being taken.


Andrey, of Odessa, Ukraine, told Rex Features: "They love the close contact and the attention. They are very curious creatures.

"I did not feel any danger while diving with them, on the contrary - I was happy and relaxed. When I look at this picture I smile - it looks ridiculous.

"Belugas are very talkative, sociable and intelligent."


Ice Cream - translated from the Russian name Plombir - is around five metres long and Snowball - Sniezka - is about four metres.

The pictures were taken at a 20ft-deep pool at the Nemo dolphinarium in Odessa.

The Beluga is sometimes referred to as the sea canary due to its high-pitched twitter.

Holiday photobombs

Holiday photobombs

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