Google Street View snaps polar bears in Canada

Google Street View Showcases International Polar Bear Day

Google Street View is bringing up-close encounters with polar bears to homes around the world for the first time after a mapping expedition of Northern Manitoba in Canada.

The Google Maps team partnered with conservation group Polar Bears International for International Polar Bear Day and mounted their panoramic camera to a buggy so they could capture shots of the animals in their natural environment.

Krista Wright, executive director of the conservation non-profit Polar Bears International (PBI), told Live Science: "The Street View project lets viewers explore the tundra and see the polar bear migration, no matter where they live."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Krista said: "We've joined forces with Google Maps to collect Street View imagery from a remote corner of Canada's tundra: Churchill, Manitoba, home to one of the largest polar bear populations on the planet."

PBI hopes that regular visits from Google will help it spot changes to the sensitive ecosystem.

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