Third of cruisers are 'drunk for entire holiday'


A third of British tourists have admitted being drunk for the whole duration of a cruise holiday.

A poll by online cruise travel agency revealed that almost a tenth said they don't drink anything on board other than alcohol during their voyage.

When asked if they drank alcohol on their last cruise, the majority (84 per cent) admitted that they did and 68 per cent said they had all-inclusive alcohol options as part of their booking.

Of those who admitted drinking alcohol on their last cruise, 31 per cent said they most likely had alcohol present in their system throughout the entire duration of their voyage.

The majority (57 per cent) admitted that they typically started drinking alcohol before midday, enjoying cocktails such as a buck's fizz or a liqueur coffee with breakfast. They then estimated that they finished drinking at around 12:30am each evening.

Only nine per cent confessed that they didn't have any drink in their system during their holiday that wasn't mixed with alcohol.

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager at, said: "Holidays, and in particular cruises, are a great excuse to lay back, relax and enjoy a drink (or five) with some of the most stunning views the World has to offer. It is all too easy to completely indulge and start drinking very early in the morning on a cruise, then let that behaviour continue throughout the duration of the trip."

The study surveyed 1,394 UK adults who have been on a cruise vacation within the past five years for seven or 14 nights.

How much do you like to drink on a cruise holiday? Let us know below.

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