Scottish hotel owner lashes out at Tripadvisor reviewer


Alex Scrivenor, owner of The Crags Hotel in Callander, Scotland, (Feb 26) who has hit back at accusations on the website Trip Advisor.  See SWNS story SWREVIEW; An outraged B&B owner hit back at problem guests who left a bad review on TripAdvisor with his own Basil Fawlty-style rant. Alex Scrivenor [corr] saw red when a disgruntled couple described a 'nightmare' stay at his Crags Hotel. He accused them of getting drunk, threatening other guests, damaging a wall, and failing to pay their £400 after they were removed by police. His tirade has now gone viral - despite being removed from the website yesterday (Wed).

The owner of a bed and breakfast in Callader in Scotland has posted a furious rant on Tripadvisor, in response to negative comments from a guest.

Alex Scrivenor, the owner of the Crags Hotel near Loch Lomond, received a negative review on the website, saying it was the traveller's 'worst experience ever'; and he responded with fury.

In an exchange that has since been removed from the site, he accused the guests of being drunk, saying they had damaged the room, had drunkenly abused guests and left without paying their bill.

Among the more startling comments were: "My doctor has told me that I must control my anger levels... he has told me that I must visualise my anger as a wicked demon that lives in a deep dark pit, and there the demon must stay. Instead of giving free reign to my anger, I have been attempting to be more understanding."

"Do you know what... I think my empathy jet is flying on vapours!!! I think 'Mr understanding guy' has just been told to pack his bags and leave the building... escorted by the police."

The Daily Mail reports that he concluded that the review had "set my therapy back some six months," and that "You have stripped me of my greatest strength... my compassion... I will be, forever, a 'Basil'.

Interestingly, aside from this rant, the hotel's reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with almost half of people rating it as excellent and a third as very good. Recent reviews also highlight the friendly staff including comments such as "Owners and staff very friendly and made us feel very welcome" and "the staff were the gem in the crown". So it seems that the 'wicked demon' doesn't often emerge from that 'deep dark pit'. It's just surprising that it did so in such a public way.

Scrivenor is not the first person to raise eyebrows with their frank approach to Trip Advisor. In January, the manager of the Georgian House in Glasgow hit the headlines after she responded to complaints abut service, cleanliness and standards at the hotel with the phrase: "Honestly what do you expect. You pay little you get cheap. We are a budget hotel. Get real."

In reply to another complaint about the breakfast she posted: "If you want a good breakfast go to the Hilton and pay £100 a night." The hotel owner said that the staff member had been sacked for their comments and their behaviour.

You know you've booked the wrong hotel when...

You know you've booked the wrong hotel when...