Brother and sister killed by trains just weeks apart


brother and sister killed by train near hull

A woman was killed by a train just weeks after her brother died on the same railway tracks in the village of Cottingham, north of Hull.

Annette Ramsdale had a brain tumour and could have had a seizure before she was hit by a train, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

Her brother John, 52, was killed 29 days earlier near the same spot.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, her husband John Riley said: "Just a few days before this happened, we went shopping together and, for two to three minutes, she disappeared and blanked out. It was like a seizure.

"I wonder if this happened at the crossing as there was no note of intention and there was no intention of her harming herself in the past."

Doctors at an inquest agreed that a seizure could have been a possibility.

Annette's brother John died after leaving a mental health unit and cycling to a railway line where he was hit by a train.

The Hull Daily Mail reports that he had told his family he would take his life if he was released.

In October, a man died in a car crash in America while following an ambulance carrying his sister, who had just committed suicide.

Ricky Tucker, 20, raced to the hospital after his sister Brenda, 21, but was struck by a 4x4 and killed.

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