Video: Man washes his feet in restaurant kitchen sink


A man has been filmed cleaning his feet in the kitchen sink of a chicken takeaway in Birmingham.

The video, which was captured by a customer, shows the man washing his foot in a sink at Kingstanding's Dixy Chicken takeaway, close to where food was being prepared.

But Mohammed Azeem, who works at the restaurant, told the Birmingham Mail: "He was wearing flip-flops and spilled chilli sauce on his foot. Obviously, he didn't want to walk around with that on his foot all day.

"The only place we can wash our hands here is that sink because the two other sinks are for washing food only."

He added that the man, who is a relative of the owner, did not come into contact with any food.

The Metro reports that the customer who uploaded the video to YouTube, wrote: "I'm sorry but I have to share this piece of nastiness with the public. Please be careful what you eat."

Weird restaurants around the world

Weird restaurants around the world

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