Ten daft things that have been mistaken for UFOs around the world


UFO? Balloon? A planet? Or a lens flare? There have been countless sightings of mysterious objects flying in the sky and while some go unexplained, the identified sightings offer relief and often a funny conclusion, such as the man who called 999 believing he had seen a blazing light coming towards him. It turned out to be the Moon!

Weird weather, drones and lightning have also been mistaken for UFOs. Some extremely convincing photos have been taken to fool people into thinking aliens are invading the planet and Photoshop has played a huge part in convincing us there is extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

Browse some of our favourite hoaxes, bizarre sightings and natural phenomena that have been mistaken for UFOs...

10 things we've mistaken for UFOs

10 things we've mistaken for UFOs

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