Video: Bus thug jailed for "barbaric, prolonged" attack on passenger


A 35-year-old bus thug who subjected a passenger to a seven-minute attack after being asked to stop his partner's children throwing sweets has been jailed.

Jason Wilson squirted lemon juice in the 21-year-old victim's eyes and kicked, punched and kneed him before breaking his nose in the "barbaric" attack in Birmingham.

After CCTV footage was released by West Midlands Police, members of the public helped name him and he handed himself in on Thursday following a number of attempted arrests at various addresses, the Express and Star reports.

Wilson admitted assault at Birmingham Crown Court.

The Birmingham Mail reports that investigating officer PC Antony Watts, said: "People were understandably disgusted by the footage.

"The victim was minding his own business when he politely asked Wilson to stop the children throwing sweets at him, but that request prompted a barbaric, prolonged attack.

"At one stage Wilson stood on a seat to get a better kicking angle, the victim was lucky to escape with only a broken nose as it could have been much worse. And what makes it even more shocking is that he unleashed the attack in front of the children he was travelling with."

Sergeant Ben Westwood, of West Midlands Police, told ITV News: "There are around 11,000 CCTV cameras on West Midlands buses so people need to accept that if they commit offences on board they are likely to be caught on camera.

"These cameras provide high quality images which help police trace offenders and provide irrefutable evidence... as Wilson has found to his cost."

Wilson will appear in court on March 7 for sentencing.

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