Video: Heartwarming moment elephant meets a friend for first time in 37 years


This video could surely melt the hardest of hearts. A 41-year-old elephant has finally been introduced to another of its kind for the first time in 37 years.

Mila the African elephant was kept as a lone elephant in a circus for over 30 years before being taken in by Franklin Zoo in New Zealand.

In a tragic accident in 2012, Mila's former keeper Helen Schofield was crushed to death by her beloved animal, who she always hoped would be introduced to another herd.

Following the fatal incident, zoo supporters raised $1.5 million for Mila to be relocated to San Diego Zoo - where she had her first meeting with another elephant, leader of the herd, Mary.

The pair were seen entwining their trunks as they said hello through a fence.

Lead keeper at the zoo, Ron Ringer, said the pair appeared to be hitting it off so far.

He told the Daily Mail: "Mary walked up to Mila and they both started eating from the same tree.

"This is a great behaviour to see because they were both calm and accepting of each other and it's one of the types of things we look for with animal introductions."

If Mila's relationship with the matriarch continues to go from strength to strength she will then be able to meet the five other elephants in the herd - and hopefully have friends for the first time in her life.

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