CCTV footage shows brawl that led to death of man under train



Horrifying CCTV images of the brawl that led to a man's death under a train at Guildford Station has been released.

Ryan Harrison, 22, from Woking, was dragged off a train during a fight that had started as a verbal argument when he reportedly said another passenger 'looked like Gollum' from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Mr Harrison was punched by Joshua Elphick, 20, and fell to his death beneath a train on 30 March last year.

The images were shown at the trial at Guildford Crown Court, with judge Christopher Critchlow describing it as a "horrific way to die".


According to the Mirror, Elphick admitted manslaughter and one charge of affray when he appeared in court on 17 December.

Following a week-long trial last week, he was jailed for five years for his part in the incident.

Two of his friends, Jack Hardy and Harry Miller, both 20 and from Guildford, were convicted of affray and jailed for a year.

The three friends had been drinking at a party in Godalming before heading home not the train.
Mr Harrison and his friend Joel Parish had been out drinking in Guildford and were getting the last train home to Woking.

The groups passed each other at the doors of the train before a war of words, followed by a fight, broke out.


Mr Elphick reportedly rushed onto the train and started throwing punches at Mr Parish, who was dragged off.

Mr Harrison was also then pulled from the train, before an off-duty police officer stepped in. A member of the group pulled Elphick away, but he went back to continue the fight.

According to the Daily Mail, prosecutor Oliver Dunkin said: "Mr Elphick shrugged the friend off. He ran down the platform and he punched Ryan Harrison.

"It was described as something of a haymaker. It may well be that the punch itself rendered him unconscious.

"He fell to the edge of the platform and was dragged beneath the train that was then departing."

Vincent Coughlin QC, for the defence, said Elphick had shown genuine remorse for his actions.

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